Art, the definition ….

dead end

So the interpretation of Art, a highly debatable subject. The fact that each individual has not only their own opinion and experiences in which they carry with them formulating their opinion, is both invited and unwelcomed.  If is only reason that a persons perception upon a image, a sculpture a slogan is derived from their knowledge, experience and their understanding. Thus informing their view on whatever matter it is.  I am anything but a ‘mainstream’ photographer. I appreciate all forms of art, from poetry to prose, to stories, to sculptures, paintings etc. Some I may not necessarily want to hang on my wall, or have a screen saver on my computer, but I think it is beautiful the diversity in which people attach a emotion to a piece of Art. As for them the said piece of art then resonates with something that they have experienced, good or bad. I do not take pictures of flowers, or half naked girls, I do not have any interest in fashion photography. These are however what alot of people want to see, so then you as a photographer or artist then have to cater to the majority, to please their taste, satisfy their ideas of beauty within the world. This is something I not only refuse to do, but find no joy in for myself. I focus on the Dark Art genre, the conceptual images, that near enough always convey a metaphor. I suppose that is the writer and port within me, surfacing from the murky lake of creativity. I find it very disheartening as would any person not to mention artist, when people completely mis-convey what my images are put out there for. I recently had a publication in ‘Dark Beauty Magazine’. I was both pleased but also annoyed, as this magazine formally use to publish some really weird and conceptual art. However of late the Art seems to have taken a back seat and the mainstream genre of pretty women and bland images have flooded the feed. Which is why i was surprised when they chose the image i was asked to do in homage of someones experience. This is the attached image. People seem to think it glamourises heroin, and drugs. Which as the photographer clearly I am defensive about. So tell me how a image with a beautiful women ( whom has been photoshopped) who is slim ( also normally altered) can be splashed all over the place, and this not bee seen as promoting ‘skinny’ ‘beautiful’ and that if you match this you are glamourised and accepted. When my image which is a subject close to my heart and that of my models can be seen as glamourising anything but drugs. There is no drug in the picture just the gritty idea. I appreciate people have died because of this drug, so hate the drug not the image. People have also died from bulimia and anorexia and legal highs, so tell me does a skinny girl on a magazine promote and glamourise the illness. If this image was on a billboard to deter someone from using drugs, showing them the struggle the seedy reality, would this be conveyed and interpreted different? Do i have to put “DRUGS ARE BAD” in a caption to spoon feed people that this is wrong or can you see it is wrong and appreciate that this is REALITY. It is not a sexy photo, sexualising or objectifying anything. It is neither a drug dealer on a corner pushing or selling these drugs. It is not a google search in which you can learn how to take drugs and see more graphic images and where to buy legal highs. This is a image that has impact in the frame. It has emotion, as even if you cannot relate you can see the grim reality. I refuse to take pictures of flowers and wildlife. I refuse because we see that daily, flowers and lovely things, but what about the things that really happen in the world, that people are dealing with, that comes with the stigma of shame. From the depths of mental illness, to drug abuse, to eating disorders, self harm, self medicating. I think that the use of weed is pointless and just as bad as heroin, but people claim that it isnt deadly, and try to justify it. What is the difference in justifying weed and heroin, one can kill you instantly ….. one kills you over a longer period of time. Just as heroin destroys your soul, weed destroys your brain. I am not here to preach but when someone uses a drug like weed for fun, but then slates someone for using heroin, that is hypocrisy in its most potent form. Unless there is a medical reason, why would you take a drug.

Art; the division of intelligence and ignorance.

I refuse to conform to the restraints of what makes the majority happy…..I want to wake up the majority.


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