For those who are not familiar with this word, it just simply means protected from outside influences. Which none of us every are, we are all affected by some influence, some experience. However when it comes to producing something that influences others thats where true ability and self awareness comes out to play. I have noticed a few photographers, whom call themselves artists. Just like models who are not signed to a agency, you are not a model, you just want to be. Giving yourself a title you don’t deserve is not the same as being labelled with the name and have the talent and ability to back up the awarded label. I find these ‘Artist’ and ‘Amateur’ photographers the worse for copy catting images, and degrading other peoples work, when their own is less than up to par. The ego people develop because of a few compliments and alternative influences such as why they got the following they got is not the same as starting off as a nobody and working hard to get your following.

I have been seriously taking photos for the last year, before that it was a complete hobby that i wasn’t bothered about at all. I just liked the therapeutic feeling i got from it. A year and half later and my following grew massively and then i started submitting work to magazines, as before that i never had any interest in ‘making it’ or ‘being discovered’. To be honest today as i sit here i have no interest in it. I cant think of nothing worse than being known for my work in a worldwide concept. Although i would prefer being recognised for my work as a artist/photographer/writer/poet than just for being a girl who got her kit off because the price was right.

Therefore my images what i produce is hermetic as no one is offering me money, my work is not mainstream or copying anyone else’s. I see other peoples work and i can simply appreciate their concept but a lot of mainstream artist or photographers i have no interest in following their work. I have lost interest in Miss aniela, as her work seems to be so mainstream now, and fashion based. Which is what working within the Fashion world will do…… influence you and take you away from what you ‘did’ produce, what did inspire me, basically. Her work is technically beautiful….and when you see a image of hers you know straight away it is her work…… but it is less filled with diversity and intrigue now. I think anyway, but to me I will always remember her as being the reason for delving into the ocean that is photography……


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