S……….for series

Ii have got tired with such projects as the fifty two week project and the 365 day project. SO i have decided i will uptake a ‘series’ challenge.  I am going to do a series consisting of six photographs. From Black and white, to candid, conceptual, surreal, dark art, unedited, light play, portraiture, and child. This is something I know will expand my skills, as i tend to stick to quite dark and morbid themes, and although i love to edit in colour, as the master colour editing and control especially in merging pictures together is a art form of itself.

Main reason i decided to talk up this challenge because i have never considered doing or creating anything other than what i do, because i find i express what i need and want to in the images i deliever therefore these images are quite personal. So i have decided like with a editor of your own poetry or story to take a step back and decide from a objective point of view what will be put out there…… a following could grow or cease. Either which way it will enable me to grow…..as i am a artist with a camera, i want to try to be a photographer with a artistic eye that creeps through even in the most simplest of images.

so here goes…… and wish me luck.


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