No escape…..

witching hour5

For when I close my eyes, and surrender to the possibilities of my mind, i throw the dice, and hope my darkest fears don’t liquify to life. Where they have been lurking in the shadows of the thoughts that i despise. In my reverie I find little comfort, as I still immortalise the world I have lived in through my sapphire eyes. In my darkest dreams I am a prisoner to myself bound and tied in worrying of the mind. I seek comfort in the body laying next to mine, but he wakes to my screams and my soaked skin. In the pale blue moonlight dew drops of liquid fear cover my body like marriage diamonds to my inner most hauntings. My nightie clings to the contours of my body, he pulls off my nightie, and holds my naked body as i tremble. Smoothing my snake like hair from my face he asks me what has caused me to be in such a state. My eyes adjust and i see the moons light touching his worried eyes. My heart sinks and i condemn my tongue to never utter the truths that has molested my body and thoughts. I steady my heart and he steadies my hands ………… “It was just a nightmare” he soothes, wiping the curves of my spine …….”Yeah….” I muster.
Hey lays me down and wraps himself around me, and whispers, “Im here, i’ll protect you” My eyes search the room for a comforting sights, as the shadows that dance are not what anyone would see in the daylight. The bear on my bed, sitting watching me, staring with blacken soulless eyes, doing nothing but watching and stalking my body as its paralysed with fright. His smile turns sinister and his arm begins to move, i stare more intense not blinking, my muscles stiffen and Im there again. In the reality of life, where nothing makes sense.


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