I missed you that little bit more today, mum.

i missed you today7-Edit

This continues with the dream series I am doing. I hate the fact that we have to loose people we love, through relationships falling apart or death… and also people moving sooooo far away. Even though I am not close to my mother the thought of her departing from this earth and leaving me orphaned…. ( I am 28 now hahha ) makes my soul ache with pain. Everyone has experienced loosing someone, and the hole they leave in your life, in your heart, knowing that no more memories with them will be made terrifies me so much. This image I was compelled to create, there is no prouder moment for any parent than when their child achieves something big, and every parent is proud when their child’s dreams come true. Its the biggest day in a woman’s life, the day she gets married, then followed by having a child. I have done mine backwards i had a child first, and now i will be getting married. However the one thing that we dont see in life, because most of us are so busy leading ours, is the fact that our parents are getting more frail, from their memories to their energy and their aura of a zest for life seems to dim. WHy? Because they are busy watching our life’s from the sidelines, the window, not wanting to interrupt, or disturb, but opening the door every time they are needed. For the lucky few of us who still have parents.

For those whom do not, this one is for you, because no matter what you achieve no matter what you aspire to be, know that your parents may not be there in physical form. But it does not mean they are not their in spirit cheering you on with your grandmother and grandfather as well, it doesnt mean that you alone, it means you have wider audience in the spirit world than most. And just because you cannot hold, or talk to a person, it doesnt mean that your memories will weaken, if anything they will grow, and them you can dance with, and smile about, and laugh and cry over. Because all of the love you cant pour over them now, you can over the countless memories, that are yours, forever and to replay whenever you so wish.

And thank you to my mum who was such a good sport on this shoot. It is a memory I will cherish.


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