Finding me….


I’m falling off the radar. I find technology such a powerful tool, to communicate and spread such messages across the world. I have never been such a fan of social media I find it intrusive, and fake. I love the blogs I write but Facebook and Twitter I find pitiful and boastful. …people feeding their own egos with the perfect selfie basing popularity on likes.

So I have decided I have a few phone numbers and they have my house number.  To get in touch with me, I have also created a nobody Facebook in order to manage my photography page on fb. But I am deleting my Facebook account. And as of tonight I shall be switching my phone off and not touching it for at least a week. Or until I come back from Oxford. Because I am fed up of anticipating to take my phone incase someone phones or texts or I miss a call from a client or a friend. It’s a tie ….. and I want this summer to be one I remember for the way the breeze felt….the sunset skies danced and the way in which the only thing I try to update is my perspective of how beautiful and freeing a world without a mobile phone stuck to your arm is. So this summer I am free. I have lots of shoots planned. I have booked holidays away ….With my darling friend charlotte and we agree phones are banned. I coukdnt be happier ……. I have my Polaroid camera to capture memories and places …..which I adore the hues of the instant camera is something my eyes have a orgasm over… as of tonight I’m phone free…..

Emancipated as it were…


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