A version of a truth…

“who are you?” he whispered.

His question lingered, hung like smoke curling in the air. Her smile was sincere, a little too sincere. The interest in his tone ignited her soul, for she could not answer. As she herself did not even know. She was  young girl of twenty three, with hair of golden sun, and eyes as reflective an emerald jewel, that was a fact she knew. When her smile reached her eyes they glowed intensely against the darkness of any night.

‘I do not know…’ she paused with uncertainty and she curled her arms around him. His heart beating, humming into her ear, like a love song only she could hear. His chest rose and he inhaled deep, but no words fell from his lips as she waited for him to speak. when her mind knew he was just as confused, she loved him that little bit more than the minute that passed by a moment before. If you could read someone by their eyes, her life would horrify. His heart sung and his mind ticked, but his body relaxed under her loving grip. She knew who she wanted to be, she knew who she was, and she knew who she had become. Each relationship she knew who they wanted her to be. She let them mould her, to love her, to own her and in-turn to control them.

‘Power is not in the person who thinks they have control, but in the person who is being controlled.’ A passage which she read once upon a time, and could release the taste of them from her mind. The sharp wind slapped her hair and it whipped her face, his hands raised and held her safe. This was the start of a beautiful mistake.


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