If his breath smells like a snake’s…………Then a snake he must be..?

Seven sins where to begin……

Envy is relief, to those who aspire and achieve.

Greed, wanting more than you can give, and would ever need.

Wrath the goddess’ delight where evil breeds to slaughter male species.

Lust, a beggars disease, As no kings knees ever bleed,

Slithering sloth, what a cost, the aspiration of motavational loss

Pride, where the ultimate cowards hide, empty palms, dripping with egotistical charm.

Gluttony like lovers feed, greedily gulping drinking the other as a antidote to our shallow selves.

Tell me how these are deadly sins to me, I dare you to challenge me.

© Lucz Fowler


© Lucz fowler photography


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