Hopeless romantics…..

Every body has a weakness, and I guess i found mine. I read a beautiful quote once, and it said, ‘He asked her if she believed in love,’ and she replied. “Yes, its my most elaborate form of self harm.”

To me those few words, summed up to me what i put myself through when i love someone. Love can harm you in the most cruel and unforgiving ways, the insecurities that stay with you a lifetime. And yet, even knowing this you still allow yourself to fall in love. Its that pit in which we all climb, after we have healed ourselves from a love that has ended, and every day we grow stronger, and happier and more confident. We get to a point whereby we can never imagine having that, longing, lost, dis-attached feeling. Anxiety is choking you and questions needing answers are suffocating you. That stage where food have no flavour, music has lyrics so powerfully relatable that you break down in public places. You hate your own company but you need to be alone as you cant put up with anyone else. Yeah, when you are in this stage you can never, ever imagine being happy again. But it does come, one day at a time. Never look too much into the future, just remember to breath, and count your footsteps, cross off the days and know the pain will subside, but the scars he handed you will stay longer than that beautiful bouquet.


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