Know when 

Know when you are doing stuff that is hurting someone. Know that just because they hurt you, you don’t have to hurt them back. If they make you feel worthless and insignificant to them, know that is a reflection of them, not your worth. Hurt people, hurt people. Change the cycle, break the cycle. If you feel as bad as they want you to feel, then they win. They have control over you, until you realise otherwise. Not everyone who comes into your life stays. Not everyone should. If you are made to feel meaningless what are you loosing? You’ll loose the feeling of feeling worthlessness. Everyone can have sex, sex and sexual encounters, they are like ready meals on social media. But love, respect and support is rare. It’s a flawless diamond, it is beautiful and valuable, priceless to a extent. Spending time with someone you enjoy just being around is hard to find and something that’s worth cherishing. I have had bad relationships, but I have good memories. Funny stories and experiences I wouldn’t of had otherwise. You do have to have the bad to appreciate the good, but what you need to be able to do is appreciate the person. Know whether they are the person you can rely on depend on, that if you two were to go to war that you’d choose each other willingly to be a team. To fight together till the bitter end, not fight each other till the bitter end. I have had lovers, and partners, and best friends in the form of my relationships. But what I have never had is one that is all three …. because that one that is all three of them things is the one not only would I keep on my team and die to protect and know they would do the same for me. But that in reality that is the person I can marry. Marriage is a sanctuary of vows that are not important to declare before loved ones or a god. But to declare in your soul that you both pledge your heart and soul your mortality and time, your love and efforts to no others, that you invest in each other time. Which is more precious than any money, time we can’t value, as lost time is more regrettable than wasted money. The only thing I will take from anyone is respect and support the only thing I will demand is understanding and respect. I want respect, not just love. As respect encompasses so much, honesty, trust and unyielding support. Marriage to me is finding someone that you don’t say “I do” it says “no matter what”, no matter what you do I will support you, no matter what you decide I will agree with you. No matter how low you feel I will be there for you, it’s no matter what. Not, until I feel differently. 


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