Today …

Today becomes a day I will remember for a number of reasons. Today will be the day I thank myself for in a few weeks and in a few years. My attachment to someone has disappeared and my attitude is positive. This can only mean one thing, it’s time to move on. He set me free and now I am leaving my cage and seeing the width of my wings and their strength. Yesterday I had a message from a surprising person, and I am glad a heart to heart prevailed. Today I had the best surprise ever …I cried with emotion, to feel special, to feel appreciated and cared for is all I ever want. And today I will be going out and indulging with good food and good company, and be reminding myself that I don’t deserve to be called hateful names by a immature boy. That I do deserve to be considered and understood, and that I deserve to be happy. I am excited and I am nervous, but most of all I am glad things happened the way they have. I could sit and ponder all the girls and nasty sleazy photos that are being exchanged between my ex and others, or the sleazy nature of distraction in which he loves. I could care about how much I will miss him. But I don’t, why should I care for someone who has shown me they don’t countless times. I hope his distractions, his sleazy sexual encounters are satisfying….. as I am building myself up, I am not trying to escape I’m just absorbing and enjoying his mistake.



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