If I tell … promise you will forget.

The greatest thief….. Time, the greatest lie? Happily ever after. The most selfish person… a parent. If I told you this would you believe me…. time slips away, disguised as yesterday’s, and hopeful tomorrow’s. we are so eager for tomorrow …. we forget what we lost yesterday. We forgot to say ‘sorry’ to tell someone ‘we miss and think of them’ we underestimate the magnitude of love when we have it. We revel in a limbo of hell and despair wishing today away, and the pain. The people we have lost, the people we have gained, never belonged to us anyway. We belong to no one, and no one belongs to us. To understand this is to understand what peace and love is. We are governed by laws, but we forget the most important laws… the laws of attraction …. you get what you manifest. We are given free will and a innocent mind, as we grow restrictions and innocences leaves….. because we give up on ourselves more easily than we do on others. We push our children to achieve and praise them for their accomplishments…. but we forget they have their own soul and dreams, and they do not owe you anything. They don’t belong to you, but you are allowed to love them and inspire them. Mistakes make you human, it enables you to see that your soul is just as important as the flesh you carry upon your bones. And other people’s mistakes show they tried, they are human too. Make choices and make good ones as often as you can…. as that is what being a human should be …. a human with humanity and empathy. 


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