The good thing 

The good thing is you have been down this road before and you have survived. You have felt happier at the other side, and this is what will happen again. You can be in a mental, emotional and physically abusive relationship and still be ok when you realise it was them not you. 

You’re insecurities over girls that they made you have was them not you. They made you feel like that and then didn’t like the consequences. 

You can be called names and insulted and degraded but once you realise it was their perception of you and not everyone else’s you realise it was them with the issues not you. 

When they choose to be aggressive break into your house and steal your things even if you have threatened to call the police and still they don’t care. Then it was them that decided to drive down and act that way. Not you. When they are arrested and you drop charges and pay out of your child’s birthday money for them to get to their destination it wasn’t you who stole the bag and broke into their house and took their things. It was you who dropped the charges and helped them even when they didn’t deserve it. That doesn’t make you a bad person it makes you the better person considering they gave your child nothing for her birthday. And they decided that for Christmas what they promised to buy you would never materialise yet what you got them was more than they got you. It always was that way too. 

For every flaw they could throw at you you can throw theirs at them. And say I stood by you. 

When you decide that this has played out one too many times and you realise that you had to lie to them and make out the other guy you dated was not as nice as them or as good or funny as them as otherwise you would be called even more names and be given even more shit even when it wasn’t you who wanted to get back with them. 

I lived after them with less anxiety and self hate, less names being called and less worry and competition with other girls. And living without that again …. is something I am very happy to do again. 
But when they call you nuts and crazy they forget the things they done. I could of ruined your life quiet easily – I didn’t. Because I will always be a better person than you. 


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