It’s not what we use to capture things that are beautiful or meaningful to us … but how the beauty and purity captures and changes us.

Our souls decide who we call home… and once you have tasted ‘home’, one can’t help but yearn for it … no matter even if they were placed in paradise …. home will always be the person that the soul screams, sings and exists for …. nothing and no one can ever change that ….

The smell of home, the feeling, the taste, the way the soul sleeps more peaceful when it’s home. And home for the soul will always be a person not a place. To avoid and neglect your souls ‘home’ is to be a drug addict constantly on cold turkey ….

I recently had two new Tattoos …. an the quote “I’ll see you in the next life when we are both cats” I now have etched underneath my image of Saba. Because she is beautifully longing for something she knows exists … but something that she cannot reach or touch… something she has been denied. So maybe in another lifetime she will get to go home, for good. My arm captures such meaningful tattoos and now when I return home for a few months my arms will be completed and my thighs are next …. my current boyfriend begs for me not to do it….. especially the one on my chest scrolling down on my belly…. partly because I want a autopsy incisions tattooed in staples or pucked stitching…. haha and along side the the noose on my arm and my quote “meet me in the morgue” which is also my instagram name … something about death is comforting to me…. in a way I welcome it … I think it will bring me some peace … my soul some comfort …. I am not suicidal I just do not fear death …. or dying … as I know what lays behind death … it sounds morbid. It is… but only those who know what I know, and can do what I can do, will understand the reality of death. Maybe it’s because then the yearning for my home, will in some part be satisfied…

It’s that one person that changes you forever …. that person is home. And only a ‘man’ will accept this, and not resist. Because only boys think they know better … for all the boys, I pray when you find the girl nas talks about you aren’t stupid enough to have to beg her for a second chance…. because you already know you have the girl, your future wife.


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