Truth of a silken web…

The beauty of always being one choice and one decision away from a completely different life and path cripples someone with a brain, through the magnitude of truth it harbours

For the brain to be able to comprehend this and it’s vast magnitude you have to pause quietly just thinking about how many choices you make in one day. Let me blow or enlighten your mind….

It could be as simple as leaving the house ten minutes earlier or later that saves you from the cradle of death. The train you missed maybe on a one way destination to smash town. The decision to book that flight despite the anxiety and travel to that city for a break, whereby you meet your soul mate/partner.

The choice of book you read that relays a sentence that changes your perspective and changes the way you live your life, and treat those in it. Even something as simple as checking your junk emails as you were bored, can lead to a new job, a successful business venture or rekindles romance. Every choice re-maps your life, and in-turn re-wires your experiences and perspective.

Some choices can be massive, like packing up our lives and moving. Taking a new job in a new city. Others can be as small as sending a email, or message. Some of the changes we make are conscious, knowing you have a problem and need to change, then going to war with yourself every day to reinforce the change. Other decisions we make are subconscious like changing a brand of food because it doesn’t taste as good as it use to, and inadvertently reducing the harmful chemicals we ingest minimising premature cancer cells to mutate.

I like to think of all the simple choices I make as finely stitching themselves into the bigger choices I make and reinforcing my journey. I have been extremely brave (for me) in the last year and a half and through the bravery my life has spun with change. The one thing I know more than anything now through the choices i made is that being unsure of something gets you nowhere. Being unsure of someone pushes you out of their lives. Being cowardly and settling in fear is like death for the soul. If who you are with and what you are doing does not bring with it a peace but fireworks of passion and excitement then you are not living. Your existing with denial as your companion.

I understand doubts and fear and how they can not only hold you back but let you loose the one thing you feared so much. I o fear something and have doubts mean you care about it and know it will impact your life and path. To feel indifferent about something or someone is not to care as the universe knows the impact on your life is minimal and so does your soul.

If you fear something for the Pandora’s box it can open … and the consequences you can’t see or predict – that my darlings is a path that will change your life for the better …. and you know it will as you fear it enough to care about the outcome.

Are you the human in your life or the shadow that hides behind a human form.


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