A name

The things I love are the things that I marked that I left such a impression on that I claimed as mine. The beautiful blank page which I turned into poetry… the picture in which spoke…. there’s so many things. But the things I love the most are the way I have affected people with influence. From encouraging a career to renaming a guy because I didn’t like his first name, as it didn’t have two syllables. Just one syllable. I renamed him using his surname, and he only needs one name because the name I named him is so cool. And I know that whenever another girl calls him Connor, he will always associate it with me… even when it comes from another girls lips. When it is spoke in a different voice or murmured in moans of sex.:. She will be calling the man who goes by the name I gave him, because it still reminds him of me. By claiming someone and renaming them they always belong. And just hearing his voice and recently … and him finding time to speak with me considering how busy he’s been just shows how much we still mean to one another … and I love how he says that the way I say his name is something he has missed so much …


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