Facade …

The one this June has taught me is that time is ticking away…and time changes everything. The difference of how we feel to three weeks ago is only possible because of time and what time does to feelings, emotions and mentality. My emotions and mentality is completely different to a week ago and massively different to five months ago. As time is slipping away… so is everything else we are just not as aware of it…. until it’s gone. Until we realise it’s gone, it’s vanished it’s changed. Time can be a enemy or a friend depending on how you value it. Time can cost you everything you have wanted, worked for or believed in.

Yet, every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. – if you still have seconds left in that minute. Or you even have a minute. I have not blogged or photographed or anything. Because my time has been and gone. I will be deactivating all of my social media. It no longer serves me or my life. I have nothing left to say…. I need not want to inspire or comfort, myself or others. I have reached a point in my spiritual being where I will now cocoon myself within myself. Time I have found to be a enemy and a friend. And now I will treat it accordingly that I have learnt the lessons.

What lessons have you learnt ? As if you have not had any lessons yet that have shook you to your core… made you change your life you perspective your behaviour your thinking and acting. Then you are not growing, your soul is in turmoil. Trapped. Time, human time and Devine time, are not the same thing. And oh lord the lessons you learn and understand when you understand time. Karma comes with time. Waste your own time to your peril, waste someone else’s, and your karmic debt it’s tripled in a instance for this lifetime and the next.

What no longer serves you let go. And all that you deserve has a path and space to enter then….. the month of June has been brutal, and wonderful, I love the rejection I have endured it has brought me growth and space. June was my month of rejection and I kicked ass even when I was sobbing my heart out. But now I reject social media, it no longer serves me. So for anyone who stumbles on this blog….

Time my dear friend is the most valuable thing you will ever have, – but I am wasting my breath as you will only understand that when it’s taken from you, and it takes what you thought was yours.

From a girl who learnt too much too young and too soon. X


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