The day the soul danced free….

The last month of the year, when i think of the many months of December i have had to endure…..I think about the ones that I would love to relive. I am at such a point in my life where there can be nothing more learnt for this year. I have enjoyed the year of 2018 it has taught me a lifetime of lessons and gave me some amazing blessings. I have faith in the way the universe is unfolding for me, and what it is giving to me.

So December is the month for gift giving, I like it in a way. I find gift the perfect way to express to someone how much i value them or how well i know them. My friend every birthday and just because always makes me the most amazing present. And its not because he is too cheap to buy me one, but its because he knows how amazingly talented i think he is. The best centre pieces in my house were actually given or made for me by him. Christmas is upon us, and I have no idea what to get the guy who has everything. I have bought presents for EVERYONE! and i have bought the perfect gifts. But, HIM?!! i drew a blank at, i have bought him little gifts over the course of the months because well thats the kind of person i am. I emptied his fish tank of water to save him a chore because of the long hours he works, i brought him pallets he needed to keep his things from being flooded in his basement. I have bough him a cool ass wall light so he can put above his favourite painting so its like a gallery…. A 3d lamp moon, which is awesome and he loves space. And sweatpants, because every guy should have sweatpants. So i think i came to a blank as i just gifted myself out???? So i was talking to a mutual friend of ours who is my friend also now. YAY!! she’s awesome.

And she told me he had got me a present for christmas, again he made me something!!! Now as much as my heart is literally jumping for joy !!! the inner part of me is screaming as i have no clue what to do or get him. So i decided to do the thing i do best and express my talent. So my favourite photograph i have ever taken (see above) was when me and him went urbexing a really cool farm house. So I know thats meaningful thing number one. Meaningful thing number two is that theres a choice between two pieces of text which i have overlaid over the image. Text one is a poem, by my favourite poet, and also i wrote the poem verse for verse all down the window in his old apartment and he kept it there until he moved. So thats kinda meaningful along side the image they merge beautifully together also. if i use that poem. Then there text number two another poem the famous Desiderata. Which speaks of life and soul and serves as a reinforcing mantra.Which again considering the image merges together perfectly. Then meaningful number three is that I am having it printed out and mounting it in a awesome frame. Awesome number whatever number i am on, no one ever gets my prints. I refuse to sell them i refuse to gift them. One ex asked me for a print once and he would be the first and only person to of had one. But that kinda didn’t work out.

So with all them meaningful things I think this gift will be awesome???? I am like praying and hoping it will be, i also have made him a planchette which i need to find the perfect stand for??? Dont know if i will get that done in time. But I could however make a stand ????? I made him a planchette because he got me a ouji board a few years back. but its a awesome planchette with a eyeball in and everything. I think it is truly important for xmas or birthdays to make a effort for someone to let them know you deeply appreciate them in your life and enjoy them being who they are. Christmas seems to all be about commercialism!! that sucks, and it seems to be about kids.

My idea of christmas is unique gifts, black and white movies with mulled wine and playing stupid games with each other. The people of iceland have a tradition of giving books on christmas eve morning after everyone has prepped the food for the following day. Then they spend the rest of christmas eve reading their book and talking about it around the table on christmas day. That to me is a awesome christmas ……Bu then i guess to be able to spend christmas with people you truly love and get to wake up next to everyday and especially on christmas day is the best kind of christmas.


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