Would you believe me……….

213ecdb FABIAN PEREZ perez_46409_2

This Artist consistently blows me away with his ability to convey emotions and atmosphere and give his subjects the ability to command your attention and stand in awe at their presences. Luckily enough for me, i Own a original ink of Fabians, and its the one i have posted here. The only image available of it is the one i have allowed ART BROKERAGE to put up. This image sits in my room, and everytime i gaze at it im inspired, heartbroken and completely spell bound. Also I meet Fabian Perez and what a beautiful man he is, and very handsome too.

127280,xcitefun-oil-paintings-by-bob-hefferan-12 ROB HEFFERAN .product9075_main

Would you believe it of i told you these were paintings? I could not believe my eyes when i saw these myself. This man is superhuman, the detail the lighting the textures the colours are that of perfection? How the hell can that happen, and how the hell can their not be more publicity and awe of this man.  The Art of this world is dead thats why, ARt and Poetry are long gone appreciated traditions. Which is so sad, everyone wants a pretty flower canvas to match their decor …… I would by a piece of this image and i would match my decor around this beauty. But hey thats just me.

Thought i would share these painters and pay homage to the most equally talented men, for opposing reasons. Fabian Captures the moment with his oils and ink paintings. He brings you into their world. Whereas Rob makes you question the world, He makes you stand their and admire the beauty of these works, the skill, the light, the everything.  My TWO favourite modern day artists.